Rear view mirror DVR-AP-468
Rear View Mirror with backup camera, is a high definition mirror with 2 CCD cameras that records 1080P. Even though the market is still having the 480P dash cam, the market requests are changing every day. People need it much essay writer cheap better user experience. Good quality with good price, also good service. In past of several years, China’s product means cheap with rubbish product which people said from some of overseas or developed countries. Nowadays, have you seen the CES about Chinese suppliers’ in2016? Eg: Huawei, Xiaomi, letv, Lenovo…etc. 25% suppliers comes from China. We’re changing the world’s attitude step by step.

Ok, let’s talking about how to choose a good write my paper for me rear view mirror DVR supplier in China?

In our words, choose the people first, then choose the product what you need. Cause if the guy is a good person, he/she cares the product’ quality or service more. So the goods should be not too much bad. And trust of the guy who gave you more professional answers what you expected.Then you can sure of that the supplier is what you want.


Look about our rear view mirror DVR as following:

There are several models what we have:

  1. Magic Mirror-Rear view mirror DVR-AP-388
  2. Magic Mirror-Rear view mirror DVR-AP-468
  3. Magic Mirror-Rear view mirror DVR-AP-599

What’s the different with those 3 models?

AP-388 and AP-468 is 5” screen in middle of the rear view mirror. But with different surfaces.  AP-599 is 4.3” screen in the left of the rear view mirror. It’s suitable for the drive which in sit down the left of their car. Both of them are high definition with 1080P.and blue mirror, supporting 32G TF card. It’s cycle recording in day and night when driving.

See the video – in day 

It’s high definition, smoothly tableau,cycle recordin… clik it to feeling the beautiful images right now.

See the video -in night

Also it’s too much high definition with 1080P in night, what it looks like car’s eyes’ with writing essays your matter what you do, It just be here always.

Part A:MonitorMemory: Micro TF,Max64GMemory format: M-JPEG, MP4, JPEG(picture)

Electronic Shutter: 1/60 ~ 1/10,000 Second

Bluetooth: No

Designated Installation: Dash and Mirror Mountable

Dimensions :320mm(W) X 84mm(D)

Dual Backup camera compatible: Yes

Installation Cables Included: Yes

Trasmition speed: USB2.0

Power port: 5V,1A

Monitor Type: 5″ screen mirror monitor

Operating temperature: -30℃ to + 70℃

Power Supply: 12 Volt DC

Quad Compatibility :Yes

Remote control Included: No

Resolution :1080P (FHD1920*1080)

Screen Size: 5”

Speaker: 8R,1W

Storage temperature: -30℃ to + 75℃

Type of Connection: RCA

Video game system Compatible :Yes

Part B:car cameraAGC: AutomaticAnodized black finish: Yes

Camera Resolution: 380 TV Lines

Contrast Ratio: 250:1

Electronic Shutter: 1/60 ~ 1/10,000 Second

Length of Cable Included :15ft

Minimum Illumination (LUX): 0.2

Quantity of Infrared: LED’s for Night vision None

Rugged die cast aluminum housing: Yes

Backup camera connectivity: Wired

Backup camera style Roof Angle: (Birds eye view)

Cable Video Quality : Standard

Camera Water Resistant: Yes

Camera White Balance: Automatic

Cameras Viewable Angle: 170°

Dimensions 0.5″ (W) X 0.5″ (D) X 1.5″ (H)

Direction of Sensors: Horizontal or Vertical

Installation Cables Included: Yes

Operating temperature: -30℃ to + 70℃

Weather Proof: Yes

Nightvision: Yes

Package Info. 

1 x Car DVR Mirror monitor
1 x Rear lens
1 x Power Cable for Rear Camera
1 x Manual
1 x Car charger
1 x USB cable
2 x Rubber Rings

Gift box: welcome to customise box with your Logo

What people often asked? 

1.How can you dip the mirror when the new screen is in place?

Yes you can, but it’ll change the angle of the cameras. the mirror on the camera obscures any light from behind which is good and you’ll probably not have to dip the mirror

2.How does this item fit? Does it it?clip over the existing mirror or replace ?

It clips on existing mirror and is easily removed. 

3. Does it have battery or does it need to be powered by a wire

it needs to be powered to keep battery charged on.

4.Does this unit on playback, display the time and date and speed your travelling at for evidential purposes please?

It will display time & date but doesn’t record speed or GPS location.

How to install it?
Way 1# to connect the cigar lighter
installation picture- to connect the cigar lighter
Way 2# to connect the ACC power
second way :  connect the wire of rear view mirror to car ACC power
how to connect the rear view mirror with backup camera

Advantages Of rear view mirror DVR In Your Car 

  • Prove your case in the unfortunate event of an accident
  • Report bad drivers / road rage
  • Protection for your parked vehicle
  • Protection from insurance fraud
  • Record your route and driving speed
  • Monitor your employees and vehicle fleet
  • Record holiday and weekend trips
  • Capture scenic routes
  • Share fun or unlikely events with your family, friends, or the world.

Where’s our mainly customers?

Due to our policy “ innovation today, leading future” So our mainly customers came from some of wholesalers, distributors, retailer online or offline, professional trade or importers…etc. We thought what customer thought.

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